MERS International

The Medical Event Reporting System – Total HealthSystem (MERS-TH) is a web-based effective process for improving patient safety in any type of healthcare facility or network. 

MERS-TH is all that your healthcare institution will ever need
to systematically
• Record
• Prioritize
• Investigate
• Classify
• Interpret
• Monitor
actual and near-miss medical events and dangerous situations
in the healthcare setting.


  • Incorporates standardized reporting forms and event and causal taxonomies for all event types
  • Has fine-grained and flexible access control and automatic notifications
  • Includes online search and query tools and reports
  • Uses built-in investigative and root cause analysis tools
  • Is user friendly and affords fast feedback
  • Provides a central database of reports for process improvement and sharing solutions across facilities
  • Allows a real time view into patient safety for the entire institution




Improves Processes

Minimizes Risk

Saves Lives


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